My Plan for North Wales

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1. Supporting Local Health Services

Access to high quality healthcare is vital. I have backed upgrades to local pharmacies, like the ones in Prestatyn and Conwy. They can now provide crucial health services around the clock in our communities. I supported the successful campaign to boost Welsh Government funding for children’s hospices, like Ty Gobaith in the Conwy Valley. But there is more we can do. There are major issues with our local health board, some of our services have been placed under targeted intervention arrangements, including Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. I will continue to raise these and other vital issues in the Senedd to ensure people in North Wales aren’t given a rough deal.

Sam Rowlands

2. Levelling Up North Wales

North Wales has long received the raw end of the deal when funding is distributed from Cardiff. Local councils are responsible for providing many of the services we rely on every day, their lack of funding is having a knock on effect in our communities. Teaching the next generation, providing care services or collecting our recycling and waste are all impacted. I have fought for more funding from the Welsh Government and welcome the UK Government’s Levelling Up funding making its way to North Wales.

Sam Rowlands

3. Backing Tourism

The Welsh Government are planning new taxes for tourism businesses which will damage the North Wales economy, putting up to 140,000 jobs at risk. I re-started the Cross-Party Group on Tourism to give businesses a voice and challenge dangerous proposals threatening 84% of Welsh self-catering businesses. Over the next few years I will continue to work with local people to champion all that North Wales's thriving tourism sector has to offer.

Sam Rowlands

4. Creating New Jobs

North Wales is left behind. Employment and incomes across North Wales are lower than those in South Wales, or across the border in England. I have welcomed multi-million pound investments into new sustainable jobs in Deeside but we can go further. I have campaigned for the Welsh Government to do more to attract private businesses to invest and create more jobs, especially at Parc Bryn Cegin near Bangor and the Anglesey Aluminium site in Holyhead. Alongside my work pushing for more job opportunities across our region, I will continue to back the important infrastructure upgrades required to spread prosperity across North Wales.

Sam Rowlands

5. Promoting Sport

Grass roots sport has always played an important role in North Wales’ culture. Throughout the pandemic we saw how important it is to boost people’s health and wellbeing. Working with local volunteers and Conwy Council we established the Conwy School’s Football Team, and I have backed upgrades to Eirias Park Stadium in Colwyn Bay as well as the Stadium for the North Campaign, focused on redeveloping Wrexham's Racecourse Ground. I will continue to call on the Welsh Government to do more to promote elite sports events in North Wales and to provide adequate support to our local grass root organisations.

Sam Rowlands

6. Protecting the Union

Residents across North East Wales have a strong connection with our neighbours in England, with many working across the border. I believe that Wales’, particularly North Wales’, interests are best served by being part of a strong United Kingdom. The Cardiff-based, Welsh Government is planning a huge constitutional shakeup, which could risk an independent Wales. An independent Wales would be a disaster for jobs and essential public services which benefit from UK Government funding. Alongside my colleagues I will continue to call for Wales to remain as part of one United Kingdom.  

Sam Rowlands


Welsh Conservatives' response to 2 Sisters closure

Responding to the news that 730 jobs are at risk as a result of the closure of the 2 Sisters chicken factory, Conservative Member of the Welsh Parliament for the North Wales, Sam Rowlands MS said: